Premium Blemishes KIT
Premium Blemishes KIT
Premium Blemishes KIT
Premium Blemishes KIT
Premium Blemishes KIT

Premium Blemishes KIT

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All of us at some point have suffered from a blemish on our skin, whether due to pregnancy, hormonal changes, sun exposure or simply the ones that come with age.
This kit helps to even out your skin tone, it works on all types of imperfections such as dark circles, blemishes, pimples, and blackheads. It is ideal for all skin types, to lighten spots or tone your skin, illuminate, rejuvenate and control oil.

This kit includes:

  • Facial cleansing gel: Cleanses impurities in the morning and night
  • Vitamin C 20% – Antioxidant facial serum that protects the skin from free radicals, as well as provides a tightening and rejuvenating effect.
  • Anti-spot sunscreen 50 SPF – Protects the skin from UV and UVB rays, also prevents the appearance of spots.
  • Brightening and Lightening Toner: Lightens blemishes, dries out pimples and blackheads, controls oily skin and evens out natural skin tone.

Did you know…

Blemishes are the excessive production of melanin in the skin, they appear due to excess sun, pimples or blackheads, hormonal changes, pregnancy or bad habits. It is important to clarify that blemishes are not erased or permanently removed, each skin is completely different, and each blemish has unique characteristics such as age and depth.
In fact, there is no product on the market that permanently removes blemishes.
We must also bear in mind that if we are not careful they can reappear, the ideal is to adapt your skincare routines to control them so that they don’t get worse.
Throughout these 5 years, we have received thousands of testimonials from people who have obtained incredible results and have improved the condition of their skin.

- Prevents the appearance of spots.
- Lightens stains and unifies tone.
- Provides luminosity.
- Cleanses and purifies the skin.
- Helps regulate excess oiliness.

This kit contains a complete anti-blemish routine, with 3 products with lightening properties and sunscreen.


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