Victoria Castro, CEO – Founder, Elixir by LaMaga.

It all started with a passion for aesthetics and the intention to transform people's lives from my experience as a coach.

A car accident in my childhood left many scars on my face, the blemishes in my second pregnancy and
how expensive the formulas prescribed to me pushed me to launch my own line of Skincare and anti-stain products. Thus was born the Brightening and lightening Toner, the first "Elixir" and today the best seller. 

Beyond selling products, our greatest purpose has been to give back to women the confidence and self-esteem they lose when they have skin problems and to consolidate a community of authentic women, who can shine anywhere.

What is Elixir?

It is a brand that seeks to strengthen the true beauty of women not from physical attributes but from the inside, promoting self-care and self-confidence of women.

Elixir, understanding the need to be a brand that inspires confidence, proposes an “emotional journey” that focuses on putting into practice personal development tools, based on “training” self-confidence and prolonging the feeling of general well-being. For this reason, we create “unique formulas” to strengthen women's self-esteem with short-term results.

Our purpose: To give confidence back to women through “Unique formulas” To be accomplices of self-confidence.